Bathymetric Chart Coptic Stitch Journal – Rough Draft Chart

Bathymetric Chart Coptic Stitch Journal by Ruth Bleakley

Bathymetric Chart Coptic Stitch Journal by Ruth Bleakley

I live in a tiny town next to the ocean on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and one of the perks of living here is that I know plenty of people who use nautical charts day to day and so I have lots of fun creating things out of charts donated my way.
This is a very special REALLY one of a kind book because what you’re looking at is the ROUGH DRAFT of a bathymetric chart – the aniline purple ink leads me to believe it’s a ditto duplication of a map in the process of being made – it had some pencil notations on it suggesting alterations. You’d never see this today now that we have computers! Now it’s in the hands of one of my friends, who I hope will fill it up with lots of writing and drawing!
Coptic Stitched with waxed irish linen thread – approximately 4.5″x6″
More pictures of this book in my flickr photo set : Rough Draft Bathymetric Chart Journal

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I just love your use of eyelets on these journals, makes them so clean. That batymetric chart is truly awesome, such a treasure. Your books make me want to pull out my supplies and start sewing but I’m finding that difficult to do these days with a 6-month old! = )

Lisa Hannah

Hi Ruth, I love this journal, I would love to make this for my sweetheart, he would love this book. Also did you make the beautiful wood pen? It really compliments the journal. Would love to give as a gift together. The silver grommets give it a finished appearance, nice work!


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