Bathymetric Chart Journal Sneak Preview

up close stitching on a bathymetric chart journalmore pictures soon, but I had to share this lovely up-close stitching photo with you – I love it! This type of braided-look binding is called Coptic stitch. It’s done with waxed Irish Linen Thread.

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You’re stitching is so even and beautiful – obviously you do this a lot! LOVE the chart/map books you’re making, that color of blue on the thread, and your work in general. I’m itching to get back to it myself these days. = )

Bathymetric Chart Journal: An underwater topography map! « In the Studio

[…] So earlier I posted a sneak peak of an up close look at the chain stitching on a coptic stitch journal I’ve been working on. Actually, I’ve been working on a bunch! A lovely student of one of my bookbinding classes gave me all of these absolutely gorgeous bathymetric charts that her workplace was going to recycle. A bathymetric chart shows under water topography in shades of blue, with depths marked in feet. Gorgeous. This picture shows off the symmetry of the stitching very nicely. […]


Hello, greetings from Hong Kong! I have to say that I love your journals! They are all so lovely, and I especially love the different layers of “blue” of this one! I have just started to learn bookbinding and I am enjoying a lot. Usually I use fabrics as book covers. I am curious how you can remove the crease on the paper maps if there is any? And I wondered if you also apply a transparent “protective layer” on the paper to avoid the papers from getting old? It’d be so great to know your experience. Thanks very much!!!!!

– Doris


Hi Doris! I haven’t found a way to get the creases out of a folded map if it has been folded and unfolded too many times. Usually I use large flat maps that have been rolled up for storage instead of folded. You might be able to apply a spray varnish, BUT if you make sure to use paper that is acid-free (and you can get ph-testing pens to check) then your paper won’t age very quickly. – best wishes on your bookbinding! Ruth


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