New Paper Scrap Swap!

Scrap Paper Swap
I joined Swap-bot a couple months ago and it’s been really fun. It’s a site that facilitates snail-mail swaps on a variety of topics – I’ve been part of two ATC (artist trading card) swaps, a small package swaps where you included one thing red, one thing blue and one thing yellow, and now I’m creating my own swap.

I have lots and lots of scrap paper in my studio – carefully organized by size even. I figured there are probably other paper crafters that are the same way, so for this swap you send away some of your favorite papers and you’ll get some neat papers in the mail too!

The website has an accountability system where people can make a note on your profile whether they got their item or not – this helps prevent “Flakers” or people who don’t send stuff!

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I new reading your blog, and i was mesmerized by your art. It´s all cute, micro, mini… everything so marvelous! I can´t stop looking!

I like crafts too, and micro things are the best for me, and i love to exchange letters with people from other countrys, and i became interested in this site you mention in this post. I hope you read this and can answer me. =)

I´ll add you site to my favourites and i´ll come here from time to time.

Sorry if there is something you can´t understand, i´m still learning english. My native language is portuguese. =)

Buhbye, and thanks for sharing your amazing work!!


Hi Silvia,

Thank you for your comments! The site I mention in this post is and it is a lot of fun to trade letters from people from around the world. If you ever want to exchange letters, I’d be happy to write to you – I love pen pals! I will email you my address if you’d like to write!



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