As The Crow Flies Opening

Last Weekend, Ryan and I held the opening to our As the Crow Flies show, which features hanging mobiles and cool wall art. Here are a few pictures after the opening when we were hanging around with some of our friends.
Jupiter's Crow

This one is called Jupiter’s Crow and it was designed and create by Ryan. It’s based on the fable “The Vain Jackdaw” by Aesop.

All of the mobiles were designed and created by us, and they are made of paper and wood or metal, depending on what we chose to use as hanging sticks. The black crow mobiles come with either 3,4,5 or 6 crows on them,and I think that they look best hanging in groups close to the ceiling – like a flock.

Why Crows? I’ve always thought they were very clever and elegant birds (nevermind that they eat roadkill). Every day a crow family of four swoops down to our compost pile between 9-10 AM to investigate what new scraps we’ve added. One of the bigger ones hops up to the lip of the compost bin, takes a look around and dives right in. A few seconds later you see choice items flying out over the edge, like bread, apple cores and corn cobs and the rest of the crow family eats it up, or they all pick up their food and fly off together to eat it. I’m impressed at their teamwork, and thus, they are the inspiration for my flock of crow mobiles.

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(my website is in the ha ha phase) but I love these pictures of your show Ruth and I remember you talking about this idea. I’m sending out all my packages this week and really excited to hear what you think of these new zines.


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