This is my bookbinding studio desk!

Bookbinding Studio Desk - Ruth Bleakley
I know I always like to take a peek into other people’s work spaces, and since mine is particularly clean (read: not like an episode of Hoarders) I thought I’d take some pictures to share! I like to surround myself with lots of cool little knick knacks – since this is where I spend a lot of my time, that’s where I put my favorite little odds and ends.
jars used to sort studio items - pens, paintbrushes and markers
Coptic Stitch Nautical Chart Guestbooks by Ruth Bleakley
waxed linen thread for bookbinding
Use a string and clothespins to hang inspirational art in your studio
Paper Hipster
bookbinding adhesives - nori paste and PVA
cute stuff - cat tape dispenser and washi tape

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Wow! I really like your studio! You are surrounded by cute things and it looks so cosy! Best working spot! 🙂


Hi, I’m a student that goes to MICA and I was wondering where you purchased that thread (fourth picture. I just started my mixed media book class and we’re learning to make books. What is that type of thread called and where can i acquire some?


Hi! You can get that thread at a couple of different places – it’s called Waxed Linen Thread and one of my favorite bookbinding suppliers is Hollander’s. These spools make a lot of books though, you might consider getting a smaller quantity on etsy.


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