Paper Potluck! Scrap Packs for sale until Nov. 19th

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**EDIT and update – these have all been sold! This is a post from 2011**

I’ve been working hard on packaging up one of  my most popular craft show items, the paper potluck! It’s a big scrap pack of assorted papers, color coordinated by me (most paper scrap packs are just a big handful of paper put in a bag, but I’m a little too crazy/fastidious for that) that I sell for $8 – all you cardmakers, collage artists and scrapbookers out there – rejoice!

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What a fun idea! I love it. I found you today via your tutorial on Poppytalk… I’m a printmaking artist so I have lots of lino block and tools galore but I love the simplicity of reusing styrofoam meat plates. It would work great for the classroom (I teach middle school and have a tiny budget). Anyway, thanks for the idea!


Thanks Pheobe! Yes, I also do/have done linocutting, so I had the tools as well, but sometimes linocuts just take so long, and you want some instant printmaking gratification! I’m happy to share my tip about the styrofoam trays, and I think it would be awesome for middle schoolers (and less likely to end up with a visit to the nurse’s office lol)


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