Plum Blossom Handmade Journal

Behold! My latest in what I like to call my “Yuzen Book” series. I wanted to showcase some of my very favorite Japanese Chiyogami papers* by making journals, but I didn’t want to simply cover boards with the paper – boring! I decided to pair my favorite papers with lovely handmade paper on the spine that has a great rough texture that pairs nicely with the smooth, but oh-so-colorful yuzen paper. So – without further ado, may I present my Plum Blossom Yuzen Journal.

*Lots of people have asked WHERE I find my Japanese Chiyogami papers and one of my favorite places to buy gorgeous fine art paper by the sheet is Paper Source (click on “Japanese Papers” when you go through the link)

Hand-stitched Plum Blossom Journal

Plum Blossom Yuzen Journal
Inside of the book

Coptic Stitch Journal


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