Bakers Twine & Wax Seal Fancy Packaging

Nautical Gift wrap idea with bakers twine and a wax seal with an an anchor over natural waxed paper

I had a custom order for an Annapolis Guest Book and you know how much I love gift wrapping. Inspired by my Pinterest board called “Amazing Packaging” I wanted to do something with baker’s twine, but I also love my wax seal, so I did this awesome combo – gold sticker + baker’s twine + wax seal over natural unbleached wax paper (kind of like see through kraft paper!)

Martha's Vineyard Guest Book

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I like it too! and it’s really not much more expensive than the regular stuff (like maybe a dollar?), I figure if it’s going to be tossed anyway, might as well make sure it’s less harmfully produced than the regular stuff.


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