Japanese Washi Paper Eggs

I love Japanese paper but I often end up with lots of leftover paper scraps or pieces of unused origami paper. What can I make with origami paper that isn’t origami? How about this awesome Easter themed craft of hollow paper eggs!

The materials I used were:

•one hollow eggshell

• Nori Paste (a great slow-drying water soluble glue perfect for paper projects)

• Liquitex Gloss Acrylic Varnish OR Gloss Mod Podge (Mod podge not recommended for humid areas)

• origami paper

Below I use regular inexpensive origami paper, but for the best effect I recommend Japanese Yuzen origami paper or Chiyogami paper, it glues down more easily and has beautiful gold accents.

What’s the difference? The inexpensive origami paper is thinner, and is basically like a color photocopy of the real Yuzen and Chiyogami paper, which is silkscreened by hand with individual layers of paint, on a higher quality handmade “rice paper” (it’s actually made from the mulberry plant). Make sure to order the 5 7/8″x 5 7/8″ size.

Here are the directions and photos on how to make a decoupage Easter egg:

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Hi, Lived in Japan for several years have have made dozens of Washi eggs. Back in the States now. What glue can you use instead of Nori? Your blog steps to do the process excellent.


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