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Using a cool tutorial I found on KMC Designs Blog I cleaned up the backgrounds in some of the white photos I took for my new Etsy shop. Ultimately I want all of my photos to have white backgrounds since I think it will make my shop look more cohesive. I’ve been learning to use a friend’s Digital SLR which I’m using to take the photos, so hopefully I’ll soon be able to do more in-camera adjustments to the photos, and fewer adjustments in photoshop.

Before - pinkish gray background

Before – pinkish gray background

After - pure white #ffffff

After – pure white #ffffff

Here’s another one, the spider accordion book that I did an earlier blog post about, but this time with a nice white background.
Before - grayish background

Before – grayish background

Here's the spider with a lovely white background

Here’s the spider with a lovely white background

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Hi Teresa! I made this paper myself by creating a digital collage of animals and then printing it with a laser printer on brown recycled paper – but maybe I will make the file I used a digital download that people can buy to print their own paper!


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