Nature Journals Made From Upcycled Calendar Pages

Nature Journals handmade by Ruth Bleakley that lay flat when open

These coptic stitch nature journals were made from a gorgeous calendar I’d been saving, saying “I’m sure I can make something out of this…” The journals I made lay totally flat when they’re opened up, which makes writing or sketching easy. This one of a kind journal is the perfect gift for a nature lover, or to use as a travel journal, or a nature sketchbook. There are only 6 in this series – click below to see if they’ve sold yet:

Desert + Butterfly

Mountains + Fox

Savannah + Panda

Cranes + Waterfall

Undersea + Sea Turtle

Birch Forest + Polar Bear

Upcycled Journals made from Calendar Pages by Ruth Bleakley

After glueing up the covers, I put them into a nipping press   with waxed paper, and masonite boards in between each book – they should be under pressure for at least 24 hours.

Opening up the press is like Christmas morning!

Time Lapse: Taking handmade book covers out of a press – Ruth Bleakley from Ruth Bleakley on Vimeo.

Desert and Savannah book covers made by bookbinder Ruth Bleakley

Stitching together the Desert Nature Journal made by Ruth Bleakley

I had 12 calendar pages and was able to combine them in such a way that I got 6 books out of it – 6 pages were used as covers, and 6 pages as endpapers – it was tough to choose which would be the covers and which would be the endpapers!

If you’re interested in learning more about bookbinding, visit my post 5 Great How-To Books About Bookbinding. You might also be interested in my page about where to buy bookbinding supplies online.

Birch Forest Journal handmade by bookbinder Ruth Bleakley Cranes Journal handmade by book artist Ruth Bleakley Undersea Journal handmade by Ruth Bleakley Savannah Journal handmade by bookbinder Ruth Bleakley Mountain Journal handmade by bookbinder Ruth Bleakley Cactus Journal handmade by bookbinder Ruth Bleakley

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