Chevron Washi Tape Chain Stitch Journal

Chevron Washi Tape journal handmade by Ruth Bleakley

I love Washi Tape! A friend from Japan sent me a huge care package of washi tape, a thin Japanese masking tape with designs printed on it ( you can even get washi tape on Amazon)- I used the tape to create this pretty striped pattern on raw book board, and then sealed the whole thing with a thin varnish so the tape won’t peel up. The stitching pattern is new too, a variation on coptic stitch (no idea if it has a name, I kind of made it up) that I sewed with waxed linen thread. That white circle is my embossing seal but you can’t quite make it out in the photo.


You can see more photos of this book on my Red Striped Washi Tape Journal photo set on Flickr.

Endpages on washi tape journal handmade by Ruth Bleakley red and purple washi tape book handmade by Ruth Bleakley

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