Blue Coptic Journal With Marbled Covers – Crazy Zebra Stripe Action!

Suminagashi Marbled Paper on a Handmade Book by Ruth Bleakley

This little journal might be blue, but you won’t be if you make it yours (it’s for sale in my Etsy shop) This small handmade blank book features light blue filler paper made from recycled blue jeans and covers made from marbleized blue, black and white paper.

I made the paper using this marbling kit (not too expensive) and it’s a style of paper marbling called Suminagashi; a Japanese technique where you float ink in a water bath and form delicate rings by dipping brushes loaded with ink into the water. This produces a totally one of a kind paper, since you can only make a single sheet of paper from each marbling session. Doesn’t it remind you of Fruit Stripe gum??

Handmade Journal Closeup of the Spine with Marbled Paper Covers by Ruth Bleakley

This book is definitely one-of-a-kind – Using this marbling method, you can only create ONE sheet of paper in each design! Here’s a video of my friend Hanna (shoutout to Hanna’s cool printmaking!) at my house making a suminagashi print on top of a letterpress poster scrap:

Suminagashi Marbling in Blue Black and White

Suminagashi Marbled Book Covers by Ruth Bleakley

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