Little Paris Travel Journal

Paris Travel Journal with French Link Stitch by Ruth Bleakley

The story behind this little Paris-themed handmade book is that it’s the first I’ve made in over four months! This might not seem like such a long time, but because of a cross country move I’ve had to pack up nearly all of my bookbinding studio supplies and put them into storage.

Right now I’m living in my grandparents’ house, and though they passed away this year they’ve left a household full of odds and ends which I’ve used to make this little book (which may still be available for sale in my etsy shop)
Small Paris Travel Journal by Ruth Bleakley with map of Paris The Paris map came from an out-of-date travel guide (“loose change is sufficient tip for your waiter at most cafes”) along with the cool “6 Parisians you should know” endpapers – the cover shows the Louvre museum and downtown Paris. The filler paper was a small stack of notepaper I found in my Grandpa’s desk. I glued the covers, made from notepad backing board, with some white craft glue, and pressed them under a stack of heavy books, since I don’t have my book press with me.

Paris Travel Journal - handmade book by Ruth Bleakley

Paris Map Travel Journal by Ruth Bleakley Inside Pages - Small Paris Travel Journal by Ruth Bleakley

My grandparents lived in Poiters, France for four years in the sixties, and my grandma in particular LOVED France, so I made this with her in mind 🙂 It might still be available in my etsy shop, depending on when you’re reading this.

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That would be a hard one to give away or sell, with all the memories associated with it! It’s a lovely book, and all the best as you settle in to your new home.


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