If you ♥ your pet, check out Jenny Baughan’s custom portraits!

Custom Meowstro Portrait by Jenny BaughanOne of my friends who was visiting this us this Labor Day weekend commented “You’re the only friends I can think of who actually buy  other people’s art…and that’s cool!”

I love surrounding myself with creative things (a real-life Pinterest, if you will) and also, how can I hope to be financially supported as an artist but not financially support the work of other artists? So today I want to share with you with you the super awesome work of Jenny Baughan. As you may or may not know, I have a cat named Meowstro that I love to immortalize in custom pet portraits and so when I saw that Jenny Baughan was offering custom pet portraits in her awesome style I was like “SIGN ME UP”. Jenny was super sweet throughout the process and did a gorgeous job. I really  hope you’ll check out her shop – her drawings would make excellent gifts, too!

meowstro acting sassy

Here’s one of the pictures I sent Jenny to model off of – Meowstro being her sassy self.

Jenny Baughan - Process Photo for Custom Pet Portrait

Jenny sent me a process photo along the way – and yes, “cat face meowmer” is Meowstro’s nickname

Framed Custom Cat Portrait by Jenny Baughan

Finished picture printed out and put into an awesome thrift store frame with a gold mat! Looks amazing.

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