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Spools of Thread Abby Try Again Photography

Spools of Thread - Abby Try Again Photography

Abby of Abby Try Again photography craptures a dreamy, old fashioned look in her beautiful photos. She shoots on film, using vintage cameras, scenes of everyday things which are given new beauty when captured by the eye of an old camera (and seasoned photographer!).

Here’s an interview we did last spring:

Tell us about yourself Abby!

Hi there! Well, I’m a Portland based blogger who’s been blogging for five years but only taking photography seriously for the past couple of years.  I come from a long line of crafty, thrifty types so I just kinda started playing around with vintage cameras and it stuck. I shoot all in film, mostly things that happen in my day to day life.

Egg Collection 5x7

Egg Collection 5x7 by Abby Try Again

I notice you use vintage film cameras for your work – which one is your favorite to work with?

Oh that is a tough one! I like them all for different reasons but my most favorite is my broken Yashica Tl-Electro 35mm camera. It is built like a tank and captures light beautifully.

Do you do any digital manipulation after the film is developed, or is it printed straight from film?

I’d say about 99% pf my photos are prints straight from the negatives. But with Polaroids, I do have to scan the image digitally (since the image is the negative) and sometimes I have to straighten it a bit. But for the most part-no I don’t edit any colors in Photoshop-I edit when I shoot 🙂

Thistles 8x12 print

Thistles 8x12 by Abby Try Again

Which print is your current favorite for sale in your etsy store?

The Spools of Thread Print: They belong to my Mother and I love all the fun colors

(Note: this has since sold, so maybe you’d like to check out one of my favorites, Thistles – Ruth)

Lastly, what’s your ideal way to spend a leisurely day off?

Hmm…my work is my play and my play is my work! I love walking around taking photos, reading, I adore cooking and visiting new places.

Thanks Abby! Please visit Abby’s online shop at AbbyTryAgain and her blog.

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