Little Envelopes

Look what I was up to this weekend!

so cute! I used scraps from my studio - tutorial coming soon!

Tutorial coming soon!  (might be a good reason to subscribe to my blog, hmmm?)

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Chelsea Ward

Your blog makes me so giddy to make books! I took bookmaking in school and I’ve been missing it terribly lately. I’ll be following your blog to get me back into the swing of binding again! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration


Chelsea, thanks so much! I love hearing that my work inspires others to create.

My number one suggestion to folks wanting to get into or BACK into crafting is to make a space for it, like a folding card table or desk that can be your permanent work space where you don’t have to clean up after yourself and you can leave your projects while you make them. That was the number one thing that made me go from making 1 book a month after college to (now) sometimes 30 books a month!

Check out my Pinterest board on Handmade books for more inspiration!


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