Easy DIY Pizza Box Cat Bed!

Easy DIY Cat Bed - RuthBleakley.com

Easy DIY Cat Bed out of a Pizza Box!

(Your cat may have already MADE ONE without you even knowing!)

Step 1 – Place a small pizza delivery box on the counter, preferably empty.

Step 2 – Turn your back for *one minute*

Step 3 – Ta-da! That’s it!

Haha, ok so maybe this isn’t the best do-it-yourself project, but I couldn’t help but share my cute cat who made her own cat bed by stomping the lid of the pizza box into an acceptable shape for cat napping. At least the box was empty!

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Hah…just saw this one too. How funny! I hope the kitty wasn’t covered in oil and stale cheese.

tia mia

What is it about pizza boxes that cats love so much? {I have 5 cats and they all love pizza boxes!}


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