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I was honored to be invited to guest post on Jenny Doh’s blog for the week of June 3-9. I hope you’ll hop over there and read my essay about everyday creativity!

Here’s an excerpt:

OK, I’ll admit it: I have a creative compulsion. For me, the need and desire to create new things goes beyond simply wanting to — if I go for too long without indulging in some kind of creative pastime, I get seriously “itchy fingers.” I know I’m not the only one! The question is, how do I balance creative time with my everyday life? Read how! 


For those of you who have come FROM, welcome, and here are some links you might like:

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Maryellen Graham

Those little accordion books are so cute. It looks easy to create as well. I’ll try making some for my friends. 🙂 Hurray for you and your guest posting. 🙂


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