Intermediate Bookbinding Fall Semester 2010

The final project in my Intermediate bookbinding class at the Falmouth Community school was a long stitch binding. This old German binding uses no glue to hold the pages in, instead the pages are sewn directly onto the cover.

Colorful Longstitch Handmade Journals made by an Intermediate Bookbinding Class taught by Ruth Bleakley

All of the books look really neat, especially when put in a row together.

Ajusting the thread tension on a colorful handmade long stitch book

Here, Dodi is adjusting the thread tension on the finished book so that the spacing will be even.

Adding the finishing touches to a colorful long stitch book in a class taught by Ruth Bleakley

Here Skye is using her awl to put the finishing touches on her book, smoothing out the spine where the thread comes through the cover.

All of the books on the table from a long stitch book class taught by Ruth Bleakley

Everyone did a great job – I brought a huge variety of odds and ends in paper from my studio so that people could create their own covers. All of the books came out really nice.

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