Where to find Bookbinding supplies

Some people have asked me where I get my book binding supplies, usually I order from Hollanders.com a binding supply shop in Michigan, which in particular has beautiful handmade marbled papers by Richard Galen. They also carry a variety of book board and do custom cutting of the board as well. The site is very easy to navigate, and features nice big pictures of the paper, and a quick paper finder that you can use to search by paper type or color.

If I need something more quickly I’ll order from Talasonline.com, a bookbinding supplier located in New York City – they ship via fedex and to Massachusetts shipping takes just a day or two. They have a big supply of conservation materials, leathers and big time bookbinding tools like presses and paper trimmers. Their website is a little bit harder to navigate, and the pictures of paper are smaller. Their customer service is very good though.

More often, to pick up new paper to use in my work I go to Paper Source in Porter Square, Cambridge (just off of the porter square T stop on Mass Ave. They have rack upon rack of decorative paper arranged by color, and the staff will happily assist you in getting paper off the top racks. I like to see the paper I’m intersted in in person because you can more easily feel the texture . I also got wedding announcements letterpressed by them and they did a beautiful job. Right now they are having a sale, spend $40 and get $5 off your next purchase of $25 or more, now through May 31st!

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