Awesome Handmade Books: French Link Stitch Bookbinding

Awesome Handmade Books - French Link Stitch Bookbinding Examples
So with so many bookbinding fans out there, I thought I would do a weekly roundup of some of my favorite handmade books out there on the internet, many of which I’ve conveniently rounded up on my Handmade Books + Journals Pinterest board.

This week: French Link Stitch Bindings! (it’s that lovely “X” stitch)

French Link Stitch Binding by Ruth Bleakley

French Stitch Coptic Binding by Ruth Bleakley


French Stitching on Tapes by A Yen for Paper 


Coptic and French stitch - Magda RibeiroCoptic and French stitching on tapes by Magda Ribeiro


Pequenos Sketchbooks by Zoopress StudioPequenos Sketchbooks by Zoopress Studio

¬†Here it is IN ACTION! – traditionally the french link stitch is used when sewing onto tapes in a traditional case binding, it gives the book a little more structure, but isn’t usually visible. Today book artists have integrated it into coptic stitch bindings to great effect. Make sure you use waxed Irish linen thread for a coptic stitch book – you can find sewing instructions for coptic stitch in this great book How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith.

French link stitch looks more complicated than it is – you simply sew underneath the previous section, crossing in an “X”. You need at least 8 signatures for the pattern to show up.

French Link Stitch by SimonGoode

French Link stitching on tapes by Simon Goode


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