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Bathymetric Chart Coptic Stitch Journal – Rough Draft Chart

I live in a tiny town next to the ocean on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and one of the perks of living here is that I know plenty of people who use nautical charts day to day and so I have lots of fun creating things out of charts donated my way. This is a […]

Washi Tape Handmade Journal

Oooooh, I just love it when a book comes out just right, and the photos come out just right – that’s how I feel about this awesome washi tape journal. not sure what to call it – maybe “Red and Gray Stripes” “V journal…” in any case it’s one of a kind – you’ll notice […]

Plum Blossom Handmade Journal

Behold! My latest in what I like to call my “Yuzen Book” series. I wanted to showcase some of my very favorite Japanese Chiyogami papers* by making journals, but I didn’t want to simply cover boards with the paper – boring! I decided to pair my favorite papers with lovely handmade paper on the spine […]

Mellow Mood Journal

A look at my blue and purple coptic-bound book, Mellow Mood Journal – with lined pages.