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Deer and the Pink Snow papercut

Deer and the Pink Snow original Papercut by MollyJey

Mollyjey has beautiful handmade papercut dioramas in her Etsy shop, mostly in white with small touches of color. She was born in Locarno, Switzerland , a gorgeous mountain valley village on the southern border next to Italy – she then went to Florence, Italy where she studied Industrial Design and Communication. She speaks Italian, French and English a- very cosmopolitan!

Where are you from?

Locarno switzerland

Locarno, Switzerland

I was born in Locarno (Switzerland), a beautiful place to live; after that I moved to Italy in Florence, for university studies (Industrial Design and Communication). Currently I living in Florence but I’m planning to move soon.

I travel often, I love to meet new people.

How did you first become interested in making papercuts?

Paper has always fascinated me, it is a unique material, it seems to live and change  over time.
I started my first shadow box as a Christmas gift for friends and then after they proved popular, I thought to open a small shop.

What do you do when you’re not making your art?

Bunnies in love

I love you! - by mollyjey

I work as a freelance designer for various brands.

Any new projects or ideas coming up for the future?

Yes, I’m writing a children’s book with the characters of my work.

And Finally, what’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday?


White Daffodils - by MollyJey

I like to spend Saturday relaxing: long walks on the green, tea with friends and playing with my cats. My favorite weekend dinner is either Pizza or Sushi.

Sounds good to me! Thanks, Molly!

You can check out more of Molly’s gorgeous handmade papercut shadow boxes at her Etsy Shop – she ships worldwide! You can also see more of her work on Flickr.

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