Custom Fabric Printing

I stumbled across the coolest site/idea I’ve heard of in a long time today – custom printed fabrics.

I discovered it by visiting Wonderfluff’s cute etsy shop – here’s a beautiful fabric that she designed herself called Summer Flowers.

You can see more of wonderfluff's fabric on her etsy site

The fabric was printed by Spoonflower, an innovative company that creates print-on-demand fabric by the yard. All you need is a digital image at 150 dpi which you upload, and the interactive fabric designer interface allows you to choose how you want the pattern displayed (offset, stacked, mirrored, etc.) a real time preview gives you a good idea of what it will look like printed.

The price range is $18-$35 a yard, with $5 swatches. So while you might not want to totally re-upholster your couch (although they do offer upholstery weight fabric) this fabric would be great for smaller projects like aprons, bags, or in my case, BOOKS.

design your own fabrics!

I can’t wait to try it out!

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