hmmm, I’m still working on making a fancy contact form but in the meantime you can send an email to:



I live in Cocoa Beach. Wondering if you offer classes…bookbinding, printmaking? I love your work!


Hi Leslie! If you go up to my “newsletter” link at the upper right part of the page (if you’re on a computer, otherwise scroll to the bottom of this post on a phone) and then enter your email address I have a special newsletter just for local classes, which I occasionally teach – I don’t have any scheduled soon, but the newsletter would be the best way to find out when I do! Thanks for getting in touch


Hi Ruth
Enjoy visiting your blog, and curious about Ben’s book course you took. The Black and White pages do not appear to be paper. Wondering if this is some kind of heavy duty fabric, and if so, could you tell me what it is.
The books you are holding appear to be very small. Looks like a fun class.


I really love the handmade journal with the Oregon topographical map….it is just the right size, and so well made. Thank you for doing such good work!! Delightful!!

Masayuki Tsuji

Hello from Japan.

I saw you on TV the other day and found you here at last !. Your papers are awesome, and your smile makes everyone happy. Please visit Japan again with your husband. Take care and best wishes.



Thank you so much Masayuki-san! It was a pleasure to visit your country and I hope that we can visit again soon 🙂

Domo arigato gozaimashita!


Hello Ruth
I m sorry I don’t speak english very well I-m french.
Great job on your site I see so beautiful books and I really appreciate your watercolor it’s really wonderfull.

But I have just one question can you tell me what is the material (paper and book cover to fixe the water color).
Thank you and really good job !


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